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Learn 2 Swim - S4K level 1

This class is aimed at swimmers who are starting to swim recognisable strokes (freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke).  These classes will concentrate on building the fundamentals of a good swimming stroke and apply lots of drills, practices, challenges and games to achieve successful results whilst swimming with a smile.  For level criteria, click read more.

Swim4kids use these fun-filled classes to introduce the swimmers to the fundamentals of swimming.  It is all about creating confidence in the water, focusing on fun whilst encouraging them to engage in the basic swim strokes and skills.

These S4K Level 1 classes are available at many condo swimming pools across Singapore as well as our public Saturday Dover Court International School swim programme.

10% sibling discount available

To assess whether your child is suitable for this class, please look at the descriptor below and sign them up for the most appropriate class.  Please be aware that upon coach assessment they may recommend a higher or lower class.


Bronze level criteria

Answer correctly three question on the water safety code
Jumping from poolside into water to fully submerge (min depth 0.9m)
Perform a sequence of changing shapes (min of three) whilst floating at the surface
Push and glide from the wall to fully submerge and pick up an object from the bottom of the pool (min of 0.9m)


Silver level criteria


Push and glide on both front with arms extended and log roll onto back

Push and glide on both back with arms extended and log roll onto front

Perform 10m of head first sculling practices

Swim 10m freestyle (recognizable stroke)


Gold level criteria

Swim 10m backstroke (recognizable stroke)

Kick 10m breaststroke with equipment

Kick 10m fly kick with arms by side

Swim 25m, choice of stroke is optional, with 3 rhythmical breaths

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