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Learn 2 Swim - S4K level 2

This class is aimed at swimmers who are confident in the water and have grasped the basic fundamentals of kicking, breathing and arm cycles for each competitive stroke (not necessarily butterfly arms).  This level will begin to move swimmers towards FINA (swimming's governing body) approved strokes creating more efficient and powerful swimmers.  Children will begin to learn competitive dives, turns and finishes at their most fundamental levels.  For level criteria, click read more.

Our S4K level 2 class is a four stroke programme where primarily we focus on stroke technique; starting with the kick and progressing to full stroke, creating more confidence in essential water skills and playing games that relate their swimming ability to fun.  We have a structured progression programme which constructs competent four stroke swimmers that will be swimming completely independently.

These Level 2 classes are available at many condo swimming pools across Singapore as well as our public Saturday Dover Court International School swim programme.

10% sibling discount available

To assess whether your child is suitable for this class, please look at the descriptor below and sign them up for the most appropriate class.  Please be aware that upon coach assessment they may recommend a higher or lower class.


Bronze level criteria

Sink, push away from the wall whilst maintaining streamline position

To be able to plunge dive

To be able to perform feet first sculling

Swim 25m of freestyle showing correct understanding of the breathing patterns

Silver level criteria

Perform 25m of a breast stroke kick of an ASA standard

Swim 25m of backstroke showing correct understanding of body alignment

Swim 50m choice of stroke is optional with 6 rhythmical breaths

Survival swim 50m with clothes on


Gold level criteria

Swim 25m of breast stroke showing correct understanding of the breathing patterns

Swim 25m of butterfly showing correct understanding of the breathing patterns

Be able to retrieve an object at the floor of the pool without the use of goggles (min depth 1.5)

To be able to perform summersault over the horizontal axis

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