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    ROG program for boys & girls aged 4-12 yrs

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    "Developing a passion for the game"


Learning tennis from a young age is a great way for children to develop
quick, sharp reflexes and hand-eye coordination along with many other health benefits.

Our tennis program is designed for boys and girls aged 4 - 12 years old. Our focus is to introduce the basics of the sport, teach correct technique, improve coordination and motor skills all while developing a passion for Tennis so that kids will continue to play for many years to come. Tennis really is a fantastic sport for kids to pick up at an early age.

Our tennis coaches have competed at high levels around the world, are passionate about tennis and keen to share that passion with children throughout Singapore. We have developed S4K programs to help develop, progress children's skills and techniques, no matter what level they play at.

Our coaching philosophy here is based on keeping it simple, student-goal orientated approach and always being professional; listening and caring about our student's tennis progression and needs to the utmost.

2-3 years S4K Multi-sport Class - Tennis

Developed over many years, our fun multi-sport program gives toddlers and young children the opportunity to learn a variety of key skills while playing Tennis, Basketball, Soccer and Mini-rugby sports to develop their co-ordination and gross motor skills. We believe children at 2-5 years old should actually learn to play multiple sports because they develop a variety of key skills which will really benefit them when they specialise in specific sports.
This is a class where parent/guardian involvement is required.

3-5 years S4K Multi-sport Class - Tennis

Children can now participate in the class by themselves. At this age children are ready to focus on more advanced skill development, such as ball control, hand-eye co-ordination, positioning and footwork for rallying etc.  This is part of our multi-sport classes where we coach Tennis, Basketball, Soccer and rugby sports. During these classes they spend time on more advanced co-ordination exercises, such as learning to tip-toe, run sideways, backwards and jump on one foot. Our classes still have a major emphasis on learning in a fun and friendly environment.

Dover Court Tennis Academy

Using the hugely successful ROG European programme, we are running structured lessons to players of all ages and levels with a focus on skill progression while developing an interest & passion for the sport.  If your aged 4-12 years, come along, train, improve and compete.

S4K ECA School lessons

Sport4kids provide a tailored Tennis extra-curricular education program for multiple schools across Singapore.

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