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By Arun Kumar

Every parent wants there child to be interested in the sports that....

they are into and to be the best player in the class, unfortunately, that is not always the case and many parents struggle with this and push there kids into activities they don’t like which can have a negative affect and turn your child off sports completely.

I have been a coach for over 10 years and I have seen every scenario play out;
Kids who are super keen and will try all sports
kids who are keen but are very shy and wont take part
kids who just straighout have no interest

I’m sure as a parent you can relate to one of these situations.

From experience, the most important piece of advice I can give is for you as a parent, to encourage your child to play a sport they express an interest in, research the companies / coaches who provide this activity (your child will develop a bond with the coach, you want them to be a positive role model) and finally be patient with your child, don’t force them. Kids have good and bad days at sports just like adults but once they are still enjoying it, then keep it up.

There are plenty of ways to encourage and motivate your child to play sports. Yet, not all are very effective in the long term. As a Coach, I personally find that the most effective method to motivate a child is for the parent to be a player. Many times, parents get carried away and become a coach. Leave the coaching to the Head Coach and just enjoy the play time with your child. Throw and catch a ball with your child as often as you can. Take them to the park and kick the ball around. This creates a unique bond between the parent and the child. Overtime, the child will develop a liking for the sport and look forward to the sporty-play times.

Always praise their effort and not the result.

You can also try bringing your child to watch a sports game and get them a team jersey. It’s great to make it a family event! This works really well and kids love wearing their jersey around. Get them to watch a few star players and praise the child by associating him or her with the star. For example, if your child is learning to dribble the basketball, you can praise them by saying “wow, you are just like Jordan”. It may sound silly, but kids love it and they want to be like their stars.

The last method that works well is to set up a reward system. This works not only for children but also for us adults. Not all rewards have to be material gifts. Reward your child by bringing them to a carnival or to the latest cartoon movie. This works for the entire family as it’s a great way to bond!

If you find motivating your child is exhausting, then maybe as parents, you have to accept that your child needs a break. Let them explore music and arts. Allow them to pick up a book and read. Eventually, they will be rejuvenated to catch the next ball you toss at them!!

Kicking Ken Multi-sports

Our Multi-sports program gives your child the opportunity to develop the essential fundamental sport skills through playing a variety of different sports.

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Kicking Ken Soccer

Our Soccer program teaches your child the fundamental soccer specific skills while developing their co-ordination and teaching them to play in a team environment.

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Kicking Ken Tennis

Our Tennis program teaches your child the fundamental tennis specific skills while developing their hand-eye co-ordination and teaching them the rules of the game.

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Kicking Ken Basketball

Our Basketball program teaches your child the fundamental basketball specific skills while developing their co-ordination and teaching them to play in a team environment.

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Kicking Ken Swimming

We believe that learning to swim is essential to your child's early physical development.  Swimming is an essential life skill that everyone should have the opportunity to learn.

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Kicking Ken Karate

Our Karate program teaches your child self confidence, learn the martial art discipline, respect, focus and self defence while developing their physical and mental health.

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  • Word on the street

    We started with Sport4Kids when Kai was 2 years old as a way of learning impulse control. Sport4Kids has been part of Kai's sporting experience ever since.

    Both the MultiSport and Swimming programs provided us and Kai with aspects of weekly routine, physical dexterity, emotional control, and camaraderie.

    Simone Dos reis Falcao, Sport4kids Mum, Multi-sports Canadian International school.
  • Word on the street

    We are having a wonderful experience with Swim4Kids. The Coach was able to gain our 5 year old son Coco’s confidence within the very first class.

    He does a good mix of doing things both inside and outside Coco’s comfort zone as he tries to get him to learn new things. Coco showed a vast improvement within a few weeks of classes with swim4kids.

    Ciao, Tina, Swim4kids, learn to swim condo class
  • Word on the street

    Sport4kids have been offering their very successful Multi-Sports program at the American club now for over 3 years. Their classes are really engaging and the children always have a blast.

    They have one of the most popular classes at our club which continues to grow.

    Venice Hernandez - Youth manager, American club.
  • Word on the street

    Sport4kids have been teaching my 8 year old son Arjun tennis for about 6 months now. The coaches picked up on Arjun's need for gentle encouragement immediately and tailored his lessons to boost Arjun's self-confidence and tennis ability.

    Arjun's lessons are 80% tennis skills and 20% fun games that focus on coordination and stamina. Plus a huge dollop of positivity and encouragement.

    Dimpel Bhayani, Tennis Dover Court.

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