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By Will Murray

You never go a full week without people asking you: “what do you do out here?” and I’m one of those people, in a very fortunate position who can honestly answer that question with: “I do what I love, I work in sports”.

Monday morning saw one of the biggest sporting events of the year take place in Houston, Texas, as the New England Patriots took on the Atlanta Falcons at NRG Stadium.

The aim we have here at Sport 4 Kids is not to produce Olympic medallists or International Rugby players. Sure, if that happens we would be super proud and happy. But our primary objective is to give children an outlet where they can have fun and develop fundamental movement skills. Ultimately we want children to enjoy playing sport so much that they maintain their physical activity levels for the rest of their lives.

The majority of the sporting professionals started sport at a young age, and many of them specialised early. But not necessarily only playing their highest achieving sport.

How much sugar is in your drink? It’s a question that’s being asked more and more regularly as we better understand what’s in our food and the health affects it has on our body.

With the Paralympics now in full swing, showcasing the best Athletes disability sport has to offer, what can we learn from the games?

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