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With children going back to school after a busy and active Summer they shouldstill try to get that well needed exercise. Children should aim for at least 1 hour per day physical activity according to the CDC.

Exercise has long been linked to an increase of memory and better learning due to proteins such as dopamine that are released affecting the part of the brain related to memory.

A new study carried out by Nottingham Trent University suggests that not only does Sprint training help us increase our physical speed but also our mental speed. The study carried out replicated typical playground games by getting 12 year olds to sprint for a 10 second period followed by a 50 second period of walking and repeated this.

Rugby Sevens: The importance of offering a wider provision of sports

The Rugby sevens has just finished at the Olympics, and what a spectacle it was! Rugby Sevens was a new sport to the 2016 Rio Olympic schedule. At each Olympics there is a slight change of sports on offer, in fact the IOC have just commissioned which sports will be included in the 2020 Olympics. Unfortunately for Hong Kong, despite the size and popularity of World Series event held each year, there wasn’t a team at the Olympics after failing to qualify.

COACH THEO’S TIP OF THE MONTH: How to develop shoulder strength

One of the most important skills in a gymnastics career would be the handstand. The handstand is used all the way from early years development to elite level, and is one of the leading skills in developing hand eye co-ordination, as well as overall strength and stability. The most important aspect of the handstand is one of our most underdeveloped attributes- shoulder strength. Developing this is the first stage when learning the handstand as this enables young gymnasts to balance off the ground without collapsing. I have laid out 2 exercises that can help develop the shoulder strength for our tip of the month. Practice these at home and the benefits will soon start to show!

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