More than just sport coaching

The majority of the sporting professionals started sport at a young age, and many of them specialised early. But not necessarily only playing their highest achieving sport.

Roger Federer started tennis at 4, but he also played soccer, table tennis, and squash.

Alan Hansen, the Liverpool defender come “Match of the Day” pundit played cricket, volleyball and golf before fully committing to football at aged 17.

Jeremy Guscott, the 1997 British and Irish lions legend took part in soccer, cricket and athletics whist growing up.

Coach Ben’s tip of the month for October…. PLAY A RANGE OF SPORTS!

The evidence favouring a multi-sport childhood is increasing consistently, alongside the ever-growing concerns with “Athlete burnout”.

It’s important that children learn a wide range of skills, movements, techniques for a well rounded and fulfilled sporting pathway.

Give your children the chance to try as many different sports as possible at a young age!

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