More than just sport coaching

With children going back to school after a busy and active Summer they shouldstill try to get that well needed exercise. Children should aim for at least 1 hour per day physical activity according to the CDC.

This one hour of exercise will help the children

Feel less stressed
Feel better about themselves
Feel more ready to learn in school
Keep a healthy weight
Build sturdy muscles, bones, and joints
Sleep better at night
Children have many different ways to exercise to strengthen their muscles and bones. These can includeactivities such as

Playing on the park, hanging, jumping, running, skipping
Be involved in Sports classes, Soccer, Basketball, Gymnastics
Play at home with family
Going on an adventure in a forest
Swimming in the Sea, playing ball on the beach.
All of these activities have to be done at an age appropriate level for the child to get the most out their daily exercise. For example a 3 year old will love running on the park for an hour but a 9 year old may prefer to compete with friends.

As parents we need to limit the time in front of screens and set a good example ourselves by being physically active with our children. You are trying to set an example not to just go to a class for your physical activity but also have physical activity as part of normal life.

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