More than just sport coaching

Our coaches

Our coaching team consists of 22 coaches over the 10 different sports and programs that we offer. Coaches are carefully selected and all have, at minimum, a degree or equivalent in a sports-related field. Every new coach must complete our Sport4kids coaching course, this ensures a consistency throughout all the classes we provide.
All our coaches also are first aid qualified.


Coach Chloe

Chloe has participating various amounts of sports activities and competitions since young.
She was very active with badminton during her tertiary education. 
She got into Top4 division during her Temasek JC studies.
Apart from that she was multiple times Quarter Finalist in Singles and Doubles matches in National Level! 
Not only badminton inclined, she also participated in various Taekwondo competitions and led her to a Gold Medalist in National Taekwondo Championship! 
And lastly she has got great moves and vibes for dance and flexibility for gymnastic! 
Her dance journey took off at an early age, and she's currently also a performing artiste in multiple major festivals and highlight shows! 
Some of the major events for dance are Esplanade Da:ns Festival, Singapore Salsa Festival, Singapore Latin Extravaganza, Baile Con Pasion and the list goes on and on! 
With so much talents she have, Chloe has also developed a passion for working with the kids! Hoping to pass on her various amounts of experience for sports and the attitude of being active to the kids she is coaching now!