More than just sport coaching
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    Building self-confidence

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    Building focus and discipline

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    Improving agility

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    Learning respect


Learning Karate from a young age is a great way for children to develop
self-defence, morale values, discipline, agility and coordination along with social skills from practising with partners.
Along with these, there are so many other great health benefits:

Karate is our unique martial art program designed for boys and girls aged 4 - 15 years old.
Karate is an excellent activity for children. They'll learn to defend themselves physically, but more importantly they'll build the mental and emotional skill sets necessary to conquer challenges like high school, college, becoming a healthy and balanced adult.

Our progressive program is in line with the Japan Karate Association (J.K.A.), one of the oldest Karate organizations that started promoting this art across the world.

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Our Sensei has 7 years' experience in practising Karate, represented Singapore in the J.K.A World Championships 2017 held in Ireland, won 7 awards in Asia and keen to share his passion for Karate with children throughout Singapore.

Our program will ensure a balanced physical and spiritual development to all the students.
With our holistic karate plan focusing on the fundamentals of the traditional Karate, students will be able to master all the techniques specific to this art, acquire the morale values embedded to it and pass the different belt levels of the J.K.A.

Our coaching philosophy here is based on keeping it simple, student-goal orientated approach and always being professional; listening and caring about our student's Karate progression and needs to the utmost.

Karate Kids: 4-6 years

Children will learn the fundamentals of Karate such as: stances, basic techniques, "Kata" and discipline.  They will discover the potential of their body, how to use it efficiently and have a grasp of Martial Arts values.   This program will prepare the children to be graded for junior belts (Yellow & Orange).

Karate Kids: 7-9 years

Children will learn age appropriate fundamentals of Karate.  The primary focus for this age group is building agility, strength, exploring more techniques, "Kata" and discipline.  This program will be split into skill level categories; junior belts (White, Yellow & Orange) and senior belts (Green, Blue, Brown, Black)

Karate Adult Lessons

Our Karate program for adults is specifically built for adults willing to discover Martial Arts, polish their skills in Karate, learn self-defence or maintain their fitness level.

No matter which level you are, we can deliver a progressive program from beginners to advanced levels.
If you are preparing for a competition we can assist you with your "Kata" and "Kumite" training to ensure you are 100% prepared for the upcoming tournaments.

Our Head of Karate, has participated in Asia and at the worldwide level and is familiar with the competitive environment, being W.K.F. (World Karate Federation) or J.K.A. (Japan Karate Association). 

So, don't hesitate and contact us for a private class.

Body Karate

Our Body Karate program is designed to combine Karate techniques with dynamic music. During a Body Karate session all muscles groups and cardio are tested to their limits.
The main perk of this activity is that no prior Karate experience is required and everyone is welcome no matter their fitness level.

What to expect during a Body Karate session?

- Improvement of fitness level and cardiovasular functions.
- Toning of all muscles groups.
- Increase in flexibility.
- Improvement of coordination.
- Stress reduction.