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Body Karate

Our Body Karate program is designed to combine Karate techniques with dynamic music. During a Body Karate session all muscles groups and cardio are tested to their limits.
The main perk of this activity is that no prior Karate experience is required and everyone is welcome no matter their fitness level.

What to expect during a Body Karate session?

- Improvement of fitness level and cardiovasular functions.
- Toning of all muscles groups.
- Increase in flexibility.
- Improvement of coordination.
- Stress reduction.
Body Karate sessions are availabile in 60mins format.

1. Warming up (10 min).

2. Session (40mins).
- Simple punching exercices.
- Punching combinations.
- Legs exercices .
- Movement + Techniques.
- Blocking exercices.
3. Core exercices (5 min).

4. Stretching and relaxation (5min).

Please contact us for availability and to book your class.

Term 3 - Body Karate Tue. 8 - 9 pm

Keppel Bay Condo, Leisure Room
Tuesday, 08:00 pm - 09:00 pm
****residents only****
Adults class
This class is designed to combine Karate techniques with dynamic music. The aim is to increase the fitness level of its participants while discovering Karate moves without any prior experience needed.

- 12th February - 2nd April

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