More than just a life skill
Kicking Ken

We believe that young children learning to swim is essential
to your child's physical development as well as a necessary life skill




AquaTots - Parent Assisted Swimming (2-4 Years)

This class is aimed at children who are building their confidence and independence in the water.  As an adult assisted class, this session will aim to make the water a comfortable environment for the child and begin to teach them basic practices of swimming and safety.  These classes teach basic technique through the medium of games, songs and many laughs and jokes. 

Level 1 - Independent Swimmers (3-5 Years)

Level 2 - Stroke Development (4-6 Years)

Level 3 - Stroke Correction (6-9 Years)

Level 4 - Development Squad (Ability Assessed)

Dover Court Sports Hub (Saturday)

Swim4kids are proud to be running our successful Saturday swim programme at Dover court International School.  This programme is open to the general public and not only hosts swimming, but many other sports too.

This program is part of our DCIS Saturday Sports Hub

Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Exclusively provided for NTU residents and employees only

Private Classes

Want a Private Swimming Class in your condo, check out our private class information.

S4K Adult lessons

We teach adult beginners, making sure that you can keep up with your children in the pool!  We are always keen to help adults successfully concur their fear of the water or confidence within the water, hopefully helping build a passion and love for swimming.

Adult swimming lessons are very different from those that children do as both learn to swim in different ways.  There are private classes available for adults who are looking to learn for themselves, feel more confident around the pool, and beat your kids for that little bit longer!

Competitive training:

There are also competitive training classes available, be it training for endurance events, sprint events, triathlon or Ironman.  Our coaches are highly proficient in performance swimming and are very aware of how comprehensive the Asian triathlon scene is becoming.  Never stop your progression, sign up and see how far you can really go.

S4K Pool parties

Are you looking for birthday party ideas, then consider our successful and popular S4K pool parties.  Our swim coaches run fun games in a safe and supervised manor at a pool of your choice.  You will be amazed at how many different fun and active games can be played.  We bring along the equipment and expertise to run a great birthday party.

The Interlace Saturday Trials

Join us for FREE TRIAL swimming classes on Saturday 6th and 13th October!!